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The Experience To Protect Your Future

A criminal conviction can put your freedom, career, personal reputation and educational prospects in jeopardy. The best way to fight your charges is to have the protection of a serious criminal defense law firm on your side.

At Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC, we serve clients in West Des Moines, Polk County and the surrounding region. Whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony charge, our team of criminal defense attorneys cares deeply about helping you. We have considerable knowledge of the criminal justice system plus a record for achieving positive outcomes through pretrial negotiations and trials, including:

  • Dropped charges
  • Reduced charges
  • Diversionary sentences
  • Acquittals
  • Mitigated sentences

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Committed To Fairness For Every Client

Although you are supposed to trust law enforcement and the judicial system, they do not always have your best interests in mind. They have one goal: To get a conviction. Our defense lawyers are dedicated to ensuring justice and fair treatment for our clients. If the police violated your civil rights or your trial contained judicial errors, we exert every effort to make things right.

We Care About You As A Person

To us, you are not just another case. You are an individual who deserves our utmost attention. We understand that what you and your family are going through is probably the most frightening and overwhelming time of your life. You can expect compassionate guidance and trustworthy counsel from us during such a difficult time.

Seek Our Defense Attorneys’ Advice Today

When you need aggressive yet empathetic legal service to help you with a criminal charge, you can find it at Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC. Please contact our law office to schedule an initial consultation with one of our caring staff members. Reach us by calling 515-513-5324 or by using our online contact form.