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Fentanyl Charges: Legal Consequences And Seeking Defense

A conviction for a fentanyl offense on your criminal record can make it much more difficult to find work, housing and educational opportunities. It can also carry years long prison sentences plus probation and other severe sentences.

If you are up against a criminal charge involving fentanyl, it is time to reach out to Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC. Serving West Des Moines and greater Polk County, our criminal defense lawyers take a thorough and aggressive stance when it comes to defending your rights.

Understanding Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is more potent and addictive than heroin. As a consequence, thousands of people throughout Iowa struggle with fentanyl dependency. This substance abuse often drives them to commit unlawful acts such as purchasing and selling fentanyl or obtaining unlawful prescriptions for it. Some of the most common fentanyl charges include:

What’s more, providing fentanyl that contributes to another person’s overdose death can lead to criminal prosecution.

Providing Cohesive Defense For Fentanyl Charges

With numerous years of experience between them, our drug crime attorneys know how to mount a strategic defense to state and federal fentanyl charges. Some of these methods can include:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Entrapment
  • Improper administration of a drug test
  • Mistaken identity

Above all, we make sure you receive fair treatment from the judicial system. The justice system is often quick to punish drug offenders without considering the impact of addiction. Frequently, we help our clients get diversionary sentences such as rehabilitation or drug and alcohol counseling rather than a harsh prison sentence. We can help you understand your options and rights when you sit down with one of our helpful lawyers.

Seek The Assistance Of Drug Defense Lawyers Today

You are not alone if you are grappling with a drug crime. Get in touch with us at Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC for fentanyl charges defense. To schedule a completely free, confidential initial consultation, please call us at 515-513-5324 or send us an email.