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Have You Been Injured While Working On A Farm In Iowa?

Farming can be dangerous work with a long list of occupational hazards and environmental health issues, despite proper training, regular maintenance, protective gear and hazard identification. If you are a farm laborer or agricultural worker and have suffered injuries on the farm, you may be hesitant to take the time to get the medical attention you need. Reporting your injuries to your boss may be difficult. If you fear the loss of your job, you are not the only one. But you must take good care of yourself so you can continue to work.

If your injury has resulted in a disability, and you cannot perform the duties required to keep your job, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC. We will help you understand your rights to compensation and explore your options for seeking the monetary benefits you need to pay for your medical expenses, wage replacement, and other costs from the farm owner and equipment manufacturers.

How Can You Get Compensation For Your Injuries?

You may be able to file for workers’ compensation, but Iowa’s workers’ compensation laws are confusing. If your employer has a cash payroll under $2,500 per year, they may not have workers’ compensation to cover your injuries. Others might have farm liability insurance to cover their injuries.

Serious injuries can happen out in the field or on the road, as well as during:

  • Trucking deliveries
  • Bulldozing land
  • Repairing farm equipment
  • Welding
  • Constructing barns or shelters
  • Repetitive cutting, reaching, stooping over
  • Falls from equipment
  • Long hours in extreme hot or cold weather
  • Unsanitary living and working conditions
  • Toxic chemical pesticide exposure

We can help you explore your legal options for filing a personal injury claim to seek fair compensation so you can heal.

We Understand How Difficult It Can Be

At Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC, our personal injury team understands how difficult it can be to properly document and report your injury, gather medical records and follow up with insurance companies for an injury claim. But if you or a loved one has injuries following a work-related injury on a farm, do not be afraid to speak with an attorney. We are on your side.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation After A Farm-Related Accident 

Speaking with our personal injury lawyers is not going to cost you money. We handle farm and agricultural injury cases on a contingency basis. This means you do not pay us legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. Contact Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC at 515-513-5324 or send us an email to arrange for a free consultation to learn how we can assist you.