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Prepared To Protect Your Rights In A Stalking Case

Iowa law defines stalking as the deliberate and repeated infliction of fear of bodily injury or death on another person. Stalking is all too prevalent in today’s world and causes devastating emotional harm to its victims. As a result, courts punish stalking very harshly.

Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC understands the severity of stalking charges for both victims and the accused. Our legal team advocates for stalking survivors throughout Iowa. As criminal defense lawyers, we can also protect your rights if you face criminal allegations of stalking.

Understanding Stalking Behavior

Most people think of stalking as a crime that involves one person following, spying on and harassing another person. The prevalence of technology meant that cyberstalking such as sending online messages or hacking someone’s private systems is increasingly common. Learn to recognize the signs of stalking, including:

  • Paying unwanted attention to you
  • Spying on you
  • Following you
  • Making numerous phone calls, letters or digital communications
  • Gathering information about you

Trust your instincts: If you believe that someone is stalking you, talk to a trusted loved one, a lawyer or a police officer about it.

How Can I Get A Protective Order?

Protective orders – also called restraining orders – are court-ordered documents that prohibit one person from taking certain actions against another. You can file your petition for a protective order in the district where you live. However, successfully obtaining such an order is very difficult. The courts require extensive evidence and, sadly, some court officials and law enforcement officials still do not take stalking seriously enough.

Our criminal law attorneys understand the mental distress caused by stalking. We will guide you through the protective order process, attend hearings with you and explore other options for justice such as civil lawsuits.

Protect Your Rights – Seek Our Help Today

No one should have to endure stalking. Please get legal help from Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC to learn about your rights as a victim. If the state has opened a stalking case against you, please contact one of our criminal defense lawyers. Call 515-513-5324 or send us an email to make a free initial consultation.