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The Importance Of Fair And Accurate Blood Tests

Blood tests play a major role in operating while intoxicated (OWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) cases. While these tests can provide information about the subject’s blood alcohol content (BAC), they are not always accurate.

It is important to understand the role of blood tests as well as your rights when it comes to a blood test. Our criminal defense attorneys at Lombardi & Miler Law Firm PLLC work with people throughout Iowa to ensure they receive fair treatment when it comes to the administration and interpretation of a blood test in their criminal case.

What You Should Know About Blood Tests

Iowa has implied consent laws that require drivers to take a BAC test if ordered. The foundation for these laws is that drivers give their implied consent to take such a test in exchange for the privilege of sharing the road with other drivers. Although you have the right to refuse a BAC test, the court may suspend your license as a consequence.

The Testing Process In Iowa

Iowa has a blood alcohol limit of .08. If a blood test shows a reading higher than .08, you could face a criminal charge. The steps of a blood alcohol test include:

  1. A health care professional draws blood from your arm.
  2. The sample is tested for controlled substances.
  3. The police receive the results of the blood test.

If a law enforcement official administers the test incorrectly or interprets the results incorrectly, we may be able to get the OWI charges against you dismissed or reduced. If you act quickly enough, we can also get an independent blood test that may provide more accurate results than the one provided by the police.

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