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Iowa Felony OWI: It Takes Tough Lawyers To Take On Tough Charges

Any operating while intoxicated (OWI) conviction can change your life and deplete your financial resources. However, the stakes may be even higher if convicted of felony OWI in Iowa. The possible consequences can reverberate through your life for decades.

Our seasoned Des Moines defense attorneys can help. We grasp the intricacies of Iowa OWI laws and will aggressively safeguard your rights. Reach out for a complimentary consultation to protect your future.

Felony OWI In Iowa: Understanding The Gravity

The typical OWI case in Iowa is charged as a misdemeanor, especially if it is a first offense. However, certain conditions can escalate even a first OWI charge to a felony. If convicted, you will likely face substantially more severe consequences than you would for a misdemeanor.

Two things that can elevate OWI charges include:

  • Multiple OWI convictions: Three or more convictions within a set period
  • Grave injury or death: Causing an accident leading to fatalities or severe harm

Should these factors be present in your case, counsel from a knowledgeable OWI defense attorney can help to minimize your circumstances.

The Potential Legal Repercussions Of Iowa Felony OWI

A significant part of the government’s efforts to reduce drunk driving involves ceaselessly increasing the legal penalties upon conviction. In the 21st century, that means the possible ramifications of a felony OWI can be profound and long-lasting. Penalties include:

  • Incarceration for up to five years, depending on the specifics of your case
  • Thousands in fines, civil penalties, court costs and surcharges
  • Revocation or suspension of your driver’s license for six years or more

A felony OWI conviction also means completing a state-approved alcohol education program at your own expense and may also require a substance abuse evaluation. You must follow any recommended treatment plans, including rehabilitation.

Call For A Relentless Defense

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